Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mail In Rebates!

So I sent Away For a Few Mail in Rebates This Week I hope you Also Keep Up on mailing in your Rebates!

Rebates i Have done This Week-

Olay Regenerist $20 Rebate Deal Was if you buy $50 Or More woth of olay Regenerist Products You Could Mail in For $20 Back! Products must be Bough By 5/9  And your Rebate must be postmarked my 5/21  I bought 13 Olay Regenerist cleansers For $3.99 At publix Used $2/1 From 5/2 P&G and $2/1 From publix Live well Feel beautiful Booklet Paid Tax Of Course So I Paid $2.73 Out of pocket and Im Getting $20 In a Rebate So Its like i Will Be Making $17.27!!!

Snikiddy Shirt- Mail in 10 UPCS From Snikkidy Full size snacks and Get a FREE Shirt

Self  DVD- Printed When i Bought Nevia At Walgreens!!!

$12 P&G Rebate- If you bought $30 Or More in Certian P&G Products you could mail in for a FREE Mag subscription If you didnt Want the mag you Could mail in for $12 insted A Coupole Weeks Ago Covergirl Was BOGO At Winn dixe and i Used my BOGO From the 4/11 RP and got 2 For FREE Just Paid Tax I Paid $8.02 Out of pocket and I am Getting $12 Back Which means $3.98 Money Maker!!! CoverGirl Is Still BOGO Until Tuesday So if you have the 4/11 RP Then hurry to Get your Rebate to!

Sure for Women Rebate- Buy A Sure with a "try Me Free" Sticker On it and mail in your recipt, Stick and The Form to Get your Money Back!