Friday, May 7, 2010

Websites For FREE And Cheap Household Items

So I Wanted To Share With you Some Sites That I Use That Might Be Helpful To You First Is Craigslist Im Sure You Have Everyone Has heard Of It But For Those Who Have Not Its a Site Where People In You Community Can Offer Stuff For Free Or For Sale And People Can also Put a Wanted Ad For an item To See if some one might Have it's Like a Big Online Garage Sale They Also Have a Job Section A Housing Section A Service Section And a Personals Section Its Fairly Simply To use I have been using it for A Little Over 2yrs Now I Want to Warn You There Is Spam And Scams So Please Beware and Dont Give out ANY Personal Info But if your in the marker For a New Dresser or Bed or T.V Or Whatever This Might be a Good Place for you to Look And See if you Can Find a Bargin! Go HERE if you would like to Search and Veiw Craigslist

The Other site Is FreeCycle Everything Offered and Wanted Has to Be Free You Cannot Be Charged Or Charge  for anything The Goal Of FreeCycle Is To Keep More stuff that can still be used Out Of Landfills You Have to Request to Be a Member and you will Have to be Approved to Be a memeber You Also Can Only Post 2 Wanted ads in One Week But as Many Offers As You want You Can Read All the Rules and Regulations and FInd you Freecycle Group Closest To you HERE! I Personally have not Ran into any Spam on here YET But im sure there is some Like every site.....