Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coupons Today....

So I Was A Little Dissapointed We Didnt Recive The
BOGO M&M Pretzel Coupon
Or The
BOGO StayFree Coupon

I Hate It When you Really Look Forward To a Coupon And Its Not There
Oh Well What Can You Do?

You Can Buy Them!

You Can Buy The Full Inserts a Pack Of 10 From
Clippin chicks HERE For Only $10.50!
(These Include Both The Coupons We didnt Get)

Or You Can Order The Indviudal Coupon From
My Coupon Hunter HERE  For
The BOGO M&M Pretzel Coupon .10c Per Coupon
BOGO Stay Free Coupon- .30c Per Coupon

So If You Were Really Lokking Forward To The Coupon You Can Always Order It!