Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not Happy......

So I Headed To Walgreen's Tonight To Do Some Deals
Such As The Blistex = FREE After RR
Flexitol Blistop = FREE After RR
AirPlus Socks=FREE After RR

Well Wouldn't You Know It BOTH The Stores  Were ALL Out!
And I Know The Cashiers There And They Said At One Store Some One Came In
And Completely Bought Out The Bliztex  And Almost All The Socks!
(She Said It Was A Couponer)

Im Sorry to Rant But How Rude Can One Person Be!
I Never Buy Out The Store!
Have You Thought About The OTHER People Who Would Also Like To Buy The Sale Items?
I Understand Its a Great Deal But Your Just Being Self fish!
It Makes No Sense!
I Was Talking To One Of My Cashiers Tonight Who Wanted To Buy The Blistex
And She Said She Stocked The WHOLE Row And Was Going To Wait Till She Got Off Work To Buy Hers But Now That ONE Person Came In And Ruined It For Everyone Else

Im Sorry But Your Not Being a Considerate Couponer
I Understand If Theres Like One or 2 Left And You Worked Them Into Your Trip
Already Well That's Fine But Not Buy The Whole Shelf Out Not Cool!

If Your The Person Buying Everything Out At The Store
Your Not Making Friends You Making Enemies

Sorry To Rant But These Are The People Who Make It Bad For The Rest Of Us

**This Is The Walgreens On US1 & Westmore Land And PSL blvd And Vets Memorial**