Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show Off Your Shops!

This Is Reader Kendal's Shops!

She Went To Target And Walgreens!

She Spent A Total Of $25.90 And
Saved a Whopping $144.19!

And Is Submitting For a $7.99 Rebate

So Its Actually Like She Spent $17.91!

So What did She Sang?

8- Gillette Razors!
8-Nivea Mens Body Wash!
2- Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer
2- Amour All Products
2- Travel Size Shout Wipes
11- Misc Candy!

Thats Like .54c Per Item!

And She Ended Up With $62 In RR!
(From The Razors And Nivea)

Great Job Kendal! Would You Like To Have You Shops Showed Off?
Well Email Me At Couponsandcakes@aol.com