Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frugal Day Out!

So We Started The Day Out At Famous FootWear And Did 2 Transactions
First One Got Those Cute Shoes For My Neice $5
(Thinking Christmas Eary!)
and A Shoe Shine Kit Clearence $5
Used $10/$10 Coupon =FREE

Then Second Transaction  Got The Addidas Bag
Clearenced $7.99
And A Show Cleaner Clearenced $3.99
Used $10/10 Coupon= $2.11!

Then Headed To Target And Scored Everything In The Picture For .32c!

The Chi-Chi's Were On Price Cut For .89c
And I Had a $1/1 Coupon In My Binder For Awhile Back

Then Ran Over To Staples And Got
Dry Erase Board -$1
2 Scotch Tapes -$2
2 Pencils - .02c
Staples Highlighters-$1
And Staples Paper $4.99

Used $9 Check From Recycling My Ink!
Paid .01c!
And Im Getting Back $4.98 From The Paper in Rebate!

Then Finished The Day With My FREE Slurpee From 7-11!

How Was Your Sunday?