Monday, July 19, 2010

I Want the Freebies… I Just Don’t Want to Join Facebook

This Tutorial Is Coming From The Blog "For The Mommas" Thank You!

"I wish I could say that Facebook coupons are going to decline, but in fact I think they will increase! So while we cannot avoid the ever growing popularity of Facebook, I can show you some quick tips to keep your information private. You do not have to join Facebook, but if you don’t, there are many promotions you will miss out on. (it is perfectly fine to miss them too if you are not comfortable!)

Companies love the ease of collection and mass marketing capabilities of Facebook. So you may want to consider a Facebook page and use the controls built in to secure your information.

1. Create an account with the minimum allowable information. If your name is Melissa A. Jones, set the account up as M.A. Jones. You do not have to put a profile picture up either. Now, you will have to give the company your mailing address for samples, but this is no different from any other free sample offer. Some people create Facebook pages for their pets. ( I am not suggesting it, just saying)

2. Remove yourself from Facebook search results - If you don’t want old croonies from high school looking you up, then simply make it impossible for them to see you.

■Go to account and then privacy settings page in upper right hand corner.
■Click on view settings under the Basic Directory Information.
■Change your settings to be friends or custom only me, depending on what is allowed. (Note: If you have no friends, no one can find you)
3. Turn off public searches Capabilities. - You can make your name not show up in Google searches as well.

■Go to account and then privacy settings page in upper right hand corner.
■Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for applications and websites and edit your settings.

Scroll down to Public Search and click. You should see a checkbox to enable public search. Make sure it is turned off.

If you set it up with minimal information and then these securities, you will be virtually invisible on Facebook. If you are still uncomfortable, I say skip Facebook"

Thanks Again To "For The Mommas" For This Help!