Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To Strech YOUR Dollar!

Saving Money Is A Top Priority To Everyone These Days That's Why Your On My Site You Want To Know How To Get The Most For Your Buck Right?

Well Everyday I Will Share With You a Tip To Make That Dollar Go Further
( I Know I Have Been Slacking)

Any who Today's Tip Will Be All About YOUR Household And How To Make Your Dollar Go Further Everyday By Doing Simple Things At Home!

Did You Know You Can Save 10% OFF Your Water Heater Just By Adjusting Your Water Heater Down From 140F to 120F Also Once a Year Drain a Bucket Of Water From The Bottom Of The Water Tank Which Will Help Get Rid Of Sediment Which Can Waste Energy By "Blocking" The Water In The Tank From The Heating Element!

Did You Know You Can Save Money By Doing The Laundry On "Cold" Instead Of Hot And Only Using Half The Recommended Amount Of Laundry Detergent And Your Clothes Will Still Come Out Just As Clean But Just A Little Lighter On Your Wallet!

Did You Know By Shaking The Clothes Out Before You Put Them In The Dryer Can Cut Down On Your Drying Time By At Least 15%

Did You Know If You Keep Your Car Well Maintained It Maximizes Not Only Efficiency, Safety And Reliability But It Maximizes Your Fuel As Well!

Did You Know You Can Save Between 15%-30% On Your Electric By Keeping up On Your Weather stripping And Caulking  Around All Entrance Doors And Windows!

Did You Know By Simply Turning Off Your Heated Dry On Your Dishwasher And Opening The Door Up And Letting The Dishes Air Dry Can Save You Over 10% Of Your Electic Bill!

Did You Know Even If An Applance Is OFF But Plugged In It Still Use's Energy? Well It Does! So All Those Cell Phone Chargers,Toasters,Coffee Pots,Blenders And Anything Else Your Not Using Constanlt UnPlug It And Save!

Did You Know By Turning Your AC Up 2 Degrees And Using a Celing Fan You Can Save Between 6-9% On Your Electric Bill!

These Are Just SOME Ways To Save Around The House
Any Ways That Really Work For You?