Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rare $1/1 Diet Coke Coupon!

Are You On  Facebook? Well  head on over HERE  to send your
Facebook friends An Awesome Diet Coke coupon!!

Here’s what You Got To  Do..........

-Click HERE to go to the “Give Friend a Boost Page” on Facebook

-Select up to 5 of your Facebook friends and tell each friend why they are extraordinary

-Click on the red “Give Friend a Boost” button

-Your selected friends will then immediately receive an email from Facebook and the subject of the email will be “Your Name wrote on Your Wall” (be sure to tell your friends to check their spam folder)

-The email will contain a link to print a coupon good for $1/1 Diet Coke 14 oz., 16 oz. or 20 oz. product…so this should mean free Diet Coke as you can typically find the smaller bottles priced at $1 or less!

**You Can NOT Send The Coupon To YourSelf So
Maybe Ask Your Friend Or Spouse To Send You The Coupon**