Sunday, July 4, 2010

SOBE Water Update!

So I Went To MANY CVS's To Try Out The Sobe Life Water Coupons

Well I Had Mixed Reviews Almost HALF Of The CVS I Went To Did NOT Let Me (Like I Said Before They Just Re-did There Coupon Policy) But The Other Half Did Let Me And Even At One CVS I Was Allowed And I Finshed My Transaction And After I Was Walking Away The Manager Had Came up And Looked At My Coupon And Told The Cashier She Was Not Allowed To Do That Again So I Would Deffently Say BEWARE And If They Don't Let You. There Is Nothing You Can Do Its Apart Of There New Coupon Policy So Don't  Get Upset Its Not The Cashier's Fault They Are Simply Trying To Follow The New Rules Just Simply Say No Thank You And Try To Go To Another CVS If You Can. Good Luck!