Monday, July 12, 2010

Stretch Your Dollar!

 Saving Money Is A Top Priority To Everyone These Days That's Why Your On My Site You Want To Know How To Get The Most For Your Buck Right?

Well Everyday I Will Share With You a Tip To Make That Dollar Go Further

Today Is All About Upromise Its a Way To Save For College But Did You Know You the Money You Save In That Account Does NOT Have To Go To College You Can Also Request a Check! There Are Many Ways To Save Trough Upromise.

First Is The Key Tags And I Bet You Already Have Them! You Can Link Your CVS,And  Winn-Dixie Reward Cards To Your Upromise Account Also Publix And Albertsons  Has There Own U Promise Key Tag You Can Ask For In Store And You Can Link As Well  To Your UPromise Account Then They Have ECoupons You Can "Load" To Your Linked Key Tags Now Say The Coupon Is For .50c Off Bounty Paper Towels At The Store When you Buy Bounty Paper Towels That .50c Will Not come Off Your Purchase But That .50c Will Be Deposited In Your U Promise Account. Every Month They Add New Coupons To Load To Your Account They Normally Have Between 15-20 Coupons Worth Between $15-$20 A Month I Normally Load Every Coupon Just In Case You Never Know What Your Going To Buy.

You Can Also Link You Debit Cards To Your Upromise Account So When You Make Purchases At One Of There Participating Retailers You Can Also Earn Cash Back Into Your Upromise Account They Have Over 700 Retailers You Can Earn At They Also Have Over 7,000 Restaurants So When You Dine Out At A Participating Restaurant And Use Your Registered Debit Card You Guess It You Earn Cash Back! For Example At The Big Apple Pizza Near Me I Can Earn 8% Cash Back Into My Upromise Acount Just By Getting Pizza I Would Normally Get! Also At Exxon Mobil I Can Recive 1c Back Per Gallon I Purchase So Since I Buy Gas At Mobil Just By Using My Regestired Debit Card I Can Recive 15c Back Everytime i Fill up!

 The Only  Down Fall Is If You Forget To Use You The Regestiered Debt Card Or Your Key Tag You Can't Enter The Recpit On The Website To Get Credit But If You Regestier All Your Debit Cards Like I Did (You Can Do Up To 10) And When Your Planning Your Trip To Publix or Albertsons  Put Your Upromise Card In With The coupons Your Going To Use That Way You Never Forget To Use Your Card!

I Hope This Helps You Strech Your Dollar Further Any Questions Feel Free To Email Me