Friday, July 16, 2010

FREE Stain Devil!

Send Stain Talk a picture of your stain and get a free Stain Devil of your choice!
But act fast, They only have 2,500 Stain Devils to give away. First come, first serve!
1. Grab your camera.
2. Snap a picture of your best/worst stain, maybe with some cleaning action in it
3. Follow the easy instructions to upload it to our gallery at http://staintalk.com/stainart
4. Pick your Stain Devil and we'll send it on its way

Want more FREE stuff? Here's two (optional) ways:
1. Tell us the story of your stain. The most original entries will receive some extra love from us.
2. If you manage to add StainTalk or StainTalk.com into your image, we will love you even more :)